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Frank Bruno and Tim Witherspoon together for the first time

Posted on 17th Dec 2011 @ 2:08 PM

Over the last few years quite a number of people have put together the concept of having Frank in conversation with some of his opponents. This has included Mike Tyson, & Joe Bugner. However, in Autumn 2011 it was the first time that Frank and Tim Witherspoon had been together for an speaking dinner event. Tim spends quite an amount of time, now in the UK and is looking to do some events. Although he had beaten Frank in the boxing ring he told a story for which Frank received a standing ovation, where although he had beaten Frank, Frank phoned him the next day after their fight and congratulated him on his win. Something that Tim Witherspoon said no other boxer had done at any point of his career. For a different event with 2 Heavy weight champions give us a call.