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The Old Boys Network was one of the suggested polite names used for our collection of retired sports persons or sporting legends.

David Davies formed the Company in 1995, after being a long established and successful entertainment agent since 1980.

David could see that with the deregulation of the entertainment agency licence, suddenly a number of musicians were calling themselves entertainment agents, so the business was becoming very crowded with up to 50 to 60 people all chasing one enquiry.

David therefore, decided to move into sports representation. This was helped by the exclusive representation of Sir Geoff Hurst, who for a number of years since retiring from football, had been concentrating on his own business interests.

As it was prior to the Euro 1996 tournament, it was decided that Geoff with other members of the 1966 team, could be re-launched and promoted. It was the 30th anniversary of winning the World Cup and there were opportunities for TV media and appearances. With a little bit of creative media work with reference to the Orange Ball incident, this catapulted Sir Geoff’s image once again into every form of European media, TV resulting in TV adverts, endorsements, etc.

Suddenly we found ourselves in a position where other sports stars seeing what was happening with Geoff, were telephoning almost on a weekly basis asking if we could also create additional commercial income for them. Where they may have been a legend in their day and certainly not forgotten, each one felt that they could be re-launched and could create new commercial opportunity from there on.

We were receiving telephone calls from other management agencies, reference their clients as we managed to find a niche in the market. We were told by media and TV programme makers that we were their answer as a one stop shop for contacts.

The Agency has grown from strength to strength, 90% of our clients we deal with direct, in some cases we deal with the celebrities’ management office. Some of our clients we deal with exclusively, managing their bank accounts, accounting and legal work, however at the other end of the scale with other celebrities we just negotiate one off commercial deals.

With the blossoming market in memorabilia, where many of our clients were fed up with signing things for nothing and then finding out that these had been sold next day on the internet sites for vast amounts of money, we were able to create a commercial opportunity with organised signing sessions. This has provided an additional stream of income for the celebrity.

We are now very proud that not only do we supply the end user with celebrities, but also supply a large percentage of the agencies in this country, conference organisers and producers; production companies and TV programme makers.

Some agencies have a real problem working with other agencies. To us as long as our clients get the remuneration they deserve, we are very willing and happy to work with other companies.

In the late 90’s our company obtained a FIFA and then a FA player’s agencies licence, to deal with modern day known players. This has opened up a whole new world, but sadly a lot of today’s sports personnel do not have the time, or the client the budgets to make all jobs workable. However, to make any approaches as required, we would be pleased to receive your e-mail enquiries or if you wish to telephone, you will find our friendly no-nonsense service will get you answers efficiently. We look forward to hearing from you.