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Booking a speaker for Azerbaijan no problem we think!!!!!

Posted on 5th Jul 2013 @ 11:18 AM

After 30 years in this business Logistical challenges we feel we can handle and welcome them as a change from the Norm however our stress levels were certainly tested when a client from Azerbaijan was let down by one of our competitors and needed a rugby speaker. It is not a case of just getting on a plane in UK and flying there you have to stop and get a working permit in Georgia stay there for a day or so deal with some interesting people then fly to Azerbaijan. We detailed the Itinerary so there would be no hiccups but did not foresee some of the characters who would appear out of nowhere asking for money! However our client Steve Fenwick being a Welshman who never was scared of a challenge when he played dealt with everything in a real professional manner arrived just on time for the clients Rugby dinner and even continued entertaining the guests until the early hours of the following day. It was the one time we were glad our out of hour’s service really came into fruition. Steve was the real star not only for his patience but dealing with tricky situations and most of all ensuring the client was more than happy with his performance.